The Landing

Since 2011 The Landing Youth and Tutoring Center has provided a safe, warm, and welcoming place where middle and high school students can receive free homework help, enjoy a free meal, and take part in free, healthy activities with other teens outside of school hours. The Landing meets Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday school nights from 3 – 6pm at 450 SE Fairview Street, in the upstairs youth area at First Baptist Church of Prineville.

Mentoring friends

Mentoring includes having fun together.

Our program revolves around three main aims:

The Landing is a Tutoring Center.
One of our main aims is to provide no-charge (yes, absolutely free) homework help and educational opportunities to middle and high school students. We provide tutors, quiet space, computers, the internet, and printers.

The Landing is a Safe & Warm Place.
At The Landing, students will find a safe, warm,  and healthy environment. They will interact with other teenagers and adults who genuinely care about them and want them to have fun and feel at home.


Classes, such as basic guitar, are taught throughout the year.

The Landing comes with a Meal.
Every night that The Landing is open, a free meal is provided. Many nights we are overflowing with food — snacks, drinks, and a warm meal. Sharing a meal together helps build genuine relationships.

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For questions/information, please contact Jamey, Site Coordinator: 541-399-1158

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