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A Time of Thanksgiving: Local Organizations

Crook County, Oregon is a special place. We are thankful for the dedication and commitment our local civic and religious organizations have shown in serving the community. We are honored to be supported by some of the most generous and visionary people in Central Oregon. A few of our partners over the past year include Rotary Club of Crook County, Kiwanis, Soroptimists, Crook County, St. Charles Prineville Medical Executive Committee, First Baptist Church of Prineville, and Calvary Chapel of Crook County.

These organizations have provided funds, space, educational resources, meals, and volunteers for our programs. Without them we would not exist.
It is their good work that allows us to do ours. So “THANK YOU” to the many great local organizations that partner with us in enriching, mentoring, and educating the youth of Central Oregon through after-school programs!

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Computers, mentors, and a safe, warm place… all provided by local organizations in Crook County.