Prineville Pickleball 2018

“Side out!” or “Foot Fault!” or “20-18-1” were some of the loud and clear pronouncements made by each of the four court-side “refs” at the past weekend’s Prineville Invitational Benefit Pickleball Tournament. The games, hosted by Central Oregon Youth Development, Inc. (COYDI), drew over 40 players ranging in age from 12 to 70+. The high school venue was abuzz with action Saturday morning as expert and novice players both young and old shared in the fun, enjoyed the snacks donated by Ray’s and Erikson’s, and chose which of the many raffles they’d try to win.

Saturday afternoon was spent by the students and the nine intermediate teams “dinking,’ “volleying,” and “rallying” in their efforts to win one of the three top positions — and a medal! The competition was fierce, and games were close and hard-fought to the end – these teams came to win! Sunday saw some excellent pickleball played by the ten teams of advanced players going through the same motions vying for the medal positions. The final game was a very exciting come-back with a close final score of 15-13!

The top three medal-winning teams in each division — student, intermediate, and advanced — were: Students 1st – Eli Reed and Dakota Robedeau; Intermediate 1st – Nancy Palermo and Patrick Reynolds, 2nd – Pat Tracy and Dennis Branin, 3rd – Caren Stover and Beth Workman; Advanced 1st – Werner Zehnder and Jim Morgan, 2nd – Joseph Baumann and Jack Osborne, 3rd – John Appleton and Bill Brown

COYDI wishes to thank the following agencies, businesses, and individuals for providing monetary support as Court Sponsors or Donors: Crook County Health Department, Pickleball Zone, Prineville Athletic Club, Ochoco Brewery, Dunn Bros. Fencing, Pricilla Smith, Paul Craig, Scott Moyer, Werner Zehnder, Nora Doyle, Ken Hieter, Bob & Paula Burns, Angelina Castillo, Georgina Scott, Patricia Tracy, Vivian Levi. Others may have donated during the tournament without being recognized and we appreciate everyone’s generosity.

Valuable items for use in the raffles were donated by: PaddleTech, Starbucks, Slater Chiropractic, Prineville Country Club, Good Bike, Déjà Vu Salon, Pickleball Zone, Ochoco Brewery

The tournament directors, Ron Greene and Steve Pine, wish to thank the following several volunteers who helped to keep the two-day event running smoothly: Anna Tracy, Jamey Lambert, Lee Moore, Les Scott, Linda Greene, Lee Bogel

We also wish to thank the several local and regional players and teachers who assisted with the clinics and classes for the students prior to the tournament: Diane Baumgartner, Lisa Reckling, Ron Greene, Caren Stover, Nancy Palermo, Kate Klein, Lee Bogel, Kari Cox, the other PE teacher?

The funds raised through tournament player registrations, sponsorships, and donations will be used to continue to provide fun, healthy, and exciting opportunities for the youth of our community — like this week’s Drone Camp! Next year’s annual pickleball tournament will be played on six new courts being built to replace the current courts located at NW 2nd and Juniper. You can begin now to prepare for the action by joining the local pickleball club. Contact Ron Greene, the official USAPA Ambassador to Prineville at: seabird_ron@yahoo.com, for information and instruction in the basics of the fastest growing sport in America.