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After The Bell has moved to Modular A of the Pioneer Complex at 641 E First St and a dedicated classroom space.


Our new home at Modular A of the Pioneer Complex at 641 E First Street.

After the Bell students will meet our staff in the Crooked River Elementary Cafeteria immediately after school and staff will guide students to our new home once the group is assembled.
Please pick up your children at our new location, corner of Garner and First Streets.

Since 2011, Crook County After the Bell has provided a safe, academic, outside-of-school environment that actively promotes and involves elementary-age children within Crook County in healthy living, civic engagement, and science exploration.


Students learn about health during our Spring Anatomy Academy Science Camp.

Children participating in After the Bell have the opportunity to:

– Experience positive relationships with caring adults and mature high school students as they engage in mentoring programs

– Receive  help with homework and be encouraged toward academic success

– Learn academic and social skills at a young age which will benefit them as they grow into adulthood

– Make positive contributions to the community by becoming productive members

We intentionally implement and foster these experiences through three main programming thrusts:

Healthy Living


You are welcome at After the Bell!

It has been said that the healthy living habits of young people begin in the context of their families and communities. With this in mind, our program strives to equip children with education and skills that will allow them to develop positive habits in order to prepare them physically, emotionally, and socially to meet the challenges of life in a consistently positive and healthy manner.

Civic Engagement

Learning to contribute to the community in which one lives is something that can be instilled at an early age. In fact, the earlier children learn this, the more likely it is to become a regular part of their lifestyle as they get older. By providing opportunities to connect to their communities, as well as adult leaders, students can become well-informed citizens who are, and will continue to be, actively engaged in their communities.

Science Exploration

Our program places a high value upon hands-on learning. One of the highlights of After the Bell is the daily science projects in which students participate. Through this type of experience, they learn about relevant complex systems and issues that will help them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills which they will use for the rest of their lives, no matter what their endeavor.


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