A Time of Thanksgiving: The People of Central Oregon

Recently we calculated the value of our yearly in-kind donations…what we found is that we receive over $26,000 per year in non-cash support. This is the power of people who believe in their community! Most of this value comes from the people of Central Oregon who generously give their time and talents to volunteer, mentor, teach, and provide meals for our youth. To them we say “THANK YOU!”

Thank you also to the parents and caretakers who trust us with their children, and to those who encourage us with their words. Last, but not least, thank you to our fabulous board of directors, who volunteer their time to lead Central Oregon Youth Development, Inc.!


Having fun is part of mentoring!


Music lessons at The Landing.


Our volunteers and staff are there for the kids.


Sew much fun!


Building healthy relationships is key to successful mentoring.



A Time of Thanksgiving: Foundations and Funds

Non-profit organizations can’t run on just thin air and pleasant thoughts. Every organization requires resources to accomplish its mission. In our mission to enrich, mentor and educate youth through safe and positive outside-of-school time programs we have been blessed to partner with foundations and funders that support our work. These organizations have helped us grow our organizational capacity. This means that thanks to them we have been able to start new programs, expand our operations, or improve the quality of our services. This means more kids in Crook County have opportunities to grow and thrive in our community.


Learning to build at The Landing.

If you appreciate any of the work we do at Central Oregon Youth Development, Inc. we hope you will in turn give thanks to our supporting organizations:


Thank you!

A Time of Thanksgiving: Local Organizations

Crook County, Oregon is a special place. We are thankful for the dedication and commitment our local civic and religious organizations have shown in serving the community. We are honored to be supported by some of the most generous and visionary people in Central Oregon. A few of our partners over the past year include Rotary Club of Crook County, Kiwanis, Soroptimists, Crook County, St. Charles Prineville Medical Executive Committee, First Baptist Church of Prineville, and Calvary Chapel of Crook County.

These organizations have provided funds, space, educational resources, meals, and volunteers for our programs. Without them we would not exist.
It is their good work that allows us to do ours. So “THANK YOU” to the many great local organizations that partner with us in enriching, mentoring, and educating the youth of Central Oregon through after-school programs!

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 4.04.43 PM

Computers, mentors, and a safe, warm place… all provided by local organizations in Crook County.


A Time of Thanksgiving: Crook County Schools

This school year has already been one of the most exciting in the history of The Landing and After the Bell. We are seeing many more faces (almost double from last year!) and providing many more enrichment opportunities for youth than ever before. Of course, this is not something we do alone; the support of our community makes all the difference. The next few blog posts on our site will highlight some of our partners. In this first post, we give thanks for our Crook County schools.


The new Crooked River Elementary is home to After the Bell.

We could never have successful after-school programs without partnership from the Crook County schools. Crooked River Elementary has been home to After the Bell since the beginning of the program in 2011. This partnership has allowed us to bring additional learning opportunities, particularly in the areas of science and reading, to the children of Crook County. Even in this year’s tricky transition between school buildings the administration made sure we didn’t get left behind!


Science experiments at After the Bell are fun for all!

Also, both Crook County Middle School and Crook County High School have helped The Landing become a warm, safe, and enriching place for students. The schools regularly refer students to us, knowing we have a shared goal to see our youth becoming thriving and contributing members of society. This year we have added a number of local teachers on our board of directors; their leadership is one of the key factors that have helped us have one of our most successful years yet!


Learning to sew at The Landing.

Thank you, Crook County schools, for your role in developing the youth of our community!

The Landing, a Place of Enrichment

Since 2011 The Landing Youth and Tutoring center has provided a safe and Taller Landingpositive after school space for the middle school and high school students of Crook County. Currently open three nights per week during the school year, the mission of The Landing is to enrich, mentor and educate through after school programs. We do this primarily through volunteers who help students with homework, teach life-skills, and act as mentors to many of the youth.

Our volunteer program has been successful largely due to the quality of our volunteers and the autonomy we provide to them as youth mentors. Each of our volunteers brings a unique personality and skill set to The Landing. We try to encourage our volunteers to use their strengths in building health relationships with the youth. For example, two women who love sewing started a sewing program at The Landing. Last year they helped the youth make hacky-sacks and also led a quilt-making project.

When it comes to the benefits of spending time at The Landing, our volunteers say they enjoy being around the energy of the youth. They also like seeing that they are making a difference in the lives of others. Many of the students at The Landing are in the awkward stages of middle school. Having caring mentors and tutors makes a big difference in how they transition from kids to young adults.

One of our most successful stories is that of our volunteer-led project to decoratedecorating4 a tree for last year’s St. Charles Hospice auction. Over the course of two months our volunteers instructed the youth in woodworking, sewing and crafting in order to entirely decorate a 7 foot tall Christmas tree. The youth-decorated tree was eventually auctioned off for $1,300, entirely for the benefit of hospice. Together our volunteers and youth had great fun giving back to the community in an impactful way. In fact, our volunteers had so much fun that they are already planning on repeating the project and teaching the youth to sew teddy bears for this coming year’s tree.


The best news is that there is more to come. The Landing starts again on Sept. 13th for the 2016/2017 school year, and all students from Crook County are invited. So join us at The Landing!

Launching the 2016/2017 School Year

This year is looking to be one of the best in the history of Central Oregon Youth Development, Inc.. After the Bell is ready to launch at the new Crooked River Elementary…the first day of school (and After the Bell) is almost upon us! At The Landing we are starting on September 13th and will be adding more enrichment opportunities, particularly in the arts (drawing, painting, crafting and music) as well as science and technology classes.

Because we’re planning on having all of this fun, we invite you to join us. Enroll in After the Bell or The Landing today!


Oregon Handmade Christmas at The Landing

This year during the holiday season the students at The Landing Youth and Tutoring Center are giving back to Crook County by sponsoring a tree for the St. Charles Christmas Hospice Auction. The tree will be auctioned off on December 5th, with all proceeds going to support hospice.

The students are hand-making all of the ornaments for the tree (with support from our volunteer leaders) and have chosen the theme “Oregon Handmade Christmas.”If you would like to join in the fun, come to The Landing on Tuesday night, email cathy(at)thelandingprineville.org, or contact us via our Facebook page.

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